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Newsletter 10/16/14

Circle Time Halloween Special Event
Circle Time Halloween Special Event, for ages 0-5 with an adult Friday, October 24, 2014 @ 10:30am Costumes are welcome!

Newsletter 10/9/14

Booklist Review of the Day

The Martian.

Andy Weir (author)R. C. Bray (reader)
June 2014. 11hr. Brilliance, CD, $14.99 (9781491526514).
REVIEW. First published October 15, 2014 (Booklist). Prepare for heartwarming humor and breathtaking suspense in Bray’s tour de force characterization of Weir’s Mark Watney, a NASA astronaut presumed dead and left behind when the first Mars landing team must abort their mission. Bray nails the voice of Watney’s self-mocking journal entries, directly addressing the listener with consummate sarcastic assurance, capturing the essence of Watney’s dry wit with disarming emotional depth. From technical jargon to tossed-off asides and casual profanity, Bray crafts a narration utterly true to Watney’s nerdy engineer roots. When the action shifts to third-person accounts of Watney’s fellow astronauts or NASA’s command center, Bray combines a taut, authoritative commentary with a spectrum of international accents, where accent and tone define each personality. The end result is a performance that propels listeners through shifting perspectives, from the lone American on Mars, to crew members traveling toward Earth, to the NASA team desperate to save the castaway. The Martian is an indie success story (see p.00). First, Weir self-published The Martian episodically online. Here’s betting that Bray’s stellar, Audie Award–nominated performance will trump Matt Damon’s upcoming starring role in the Ridley Scott film version of The Martian.— Mary Burkey