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Newsletter – October 23, 2014

Newsletter 10/16/14

Circle Time Halloween Special Event
Circle Time Halloween Special Event, for ages 0-5 with an adult Friday, October 24, 2014 @ 10:30am Costumes are welcome!

Booklist Review of the Day

Andy Kaufman: The Truth, Finally.

Zmuda, Bob (author) and Lynne Margulies (author).
Oct. 2014. 256p. BenBella, hardcover, $19.95 (9781940363059). 792.702.
REVIEW. First published October 31, 2014 (Booklist Online). Is this the truth about Andy Kaufman? Or can we not handle the truth? Because according to Zmuda, the comedian’s longtime writing partner, Kaufman, who walked a very narrow line between funny and crazy, isn’t really dead. His 1984 demise was only the beginning of his longest prank—you know, the one where he pretends he’s dead for 30 years. So is Zmuda crazy, too? Well, maybe, but he does have a few things going that uphold his theory. For one, anyone who remembers Kaufman, or who saw the Jim Carrey biopic Man on the Moon, knows that faking his own death would be just the kind of stunt Kaufman would have loved to have pulled off. In fact, when he died, that’s what many fans believed. Moreover, Zmuda (who often played Kaufman’s alter ego, the obnoxious Tony Clifton) says he repeatedly discussed this very scenario with Kaufman before he “died”; in fact, Kaufman was obsessed with the idea. On the other hand, Zmuda’s coauthor, Margulies, who was Kaufman’s girlfriend, seems to think Andy is dead. She comes across as the voice of reason here, especially juxtaposed against Zmuda’s rants. (He does tend to repeat himself. A lot). Fans will also learn a few other secrets about Andy Kaufman, and more than they’ll want to know about the making of the movie (scores are being settled here.). So is Kaufman going to show up? Here’s hoping, but he’d better hurry. His fan base can’t hold out too much longer. — Ilene Cooper