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Recipe Swap
Join us for Recipe Swap on Monday, January 26 at 6:30 p.m. This month we're heading into the unknown with new and untried recipes. If there's a recipe that you haven't tried but looks interesting then bring it down. Share it with patrons who have the same passion as you do -- cooking! 

Friends of the Library
As you know, many people question the need for libraries in this age of advanced technology, but libraries are more relevant than ever before. In these difficult economic times libraries provide access to resources that may otherwise be inaccessible for some people. Libraries can work hand in hand with teachers by providing story times, materials, and programs aimed at reinforcing literacy skills learned in the classroom.

Computer classes at the library can help those entering or re-entering the work force be competitive in the job search. Those class members can then use the computers to search for new job opportunities. Not to mention the books, movies, music and fun adult programs offered. The list of library benefits goes on and on. The Friends can help by supporting and promoting the library and its programs.

The end of last year, a small group met to lay the ground work for reactivating our Friends of the Library group and we are excited about the future of not only our group but of our library as a whole. Your voice will be an important part of the group and we want to hear your ideas.

It is our hope that you will be able to join us for our initial meeting at the library on January 22nd, 2015 at 6:30 pm. At this meeting we will begin the process of electing officers for the year as well as creating a vision and purpose for what we want our group to be.

Remember, this Thursday, January 22 at 6:30 in the Cooper-Clark room. Bring a friend and we'll see you there!

Coming Events

Beginning Computer Class - English & Spanish
Recurring Event
First start: 2013-07-16 11:00:00 CDT
Duration: 3600
Who: Events
Where: Computer Lab
Event Status: confirmed
Event Description: An introduction to basic computer skills. Patrons should sign up for this class at the front desk, as space is limited to four people.

Kansas Government Info.

Concealed Carry in Kansas

Weapons and second amendment rights has been a contentious issue all across the United States.   Across the nation, several states have instigated laws that are commonly known as "castle doctrines" or "stand your ground laws."  In Kansas, it is known as the Personal and Family Protection Act.  This week, we provide you with information regarding Federal and Kansas laws and regulations regarding guns and personal safety. 

Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution from the National Archives

National Firearms Act Handbook
Federal Firearms Regulations Reference guide

Federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives

State Firearms Laws and Ordinances

Text of Kansas' Concealed Carry Law, also known as the Personal and Family Protection Act, KSA 75-7c01 through 75-7c19

Administrative Regulations regarding the Personal and Family Protection Act, KAR 16-11-1 through 16-11-8,%202012%20KAR%20Supp.pdf

Kansas Attorney General's page to apply for a Concealed Carry License:

List of states that honor and do not honor Kansas Concealed Carry Licenses:

Statistics regarding Concealed Carry Licensure:

Annual Report given to the Governor regarding the Personal and Family Protection Act

Directory of Concealed Carry License instructors for Kansas

Article Contact: Kim Harp 

Climate Change in Kansas
Global warming and climate change are big topics today.  What follows are a list of information sites that pertain to Kansas and to the subject matter in general.  In the years to come this will be a much talked about topics.  We hope you find this information helpful to you, and be sure to use your local library to search further on this topic.

In Kansas:

Climate change in Kansas

Economic Impact of climate change in Kansas.

Saving energy and global warming in Salina.

A list of scholarly article on climate change in Kansas, many of these can be downloaded as pdf files.

You can obtain others by going to your local library.

Kansas and Climate Change by Feddema and Brunsell University of Kansas Dept. of Geography, no date

 Climate change hits home: the risks for Kansas:   

 Lots of graphs and charts on current and future trends.

Here is a large list of general web site that give a wide variety of information on climate change and global warming.
Pew Center on Global Climate Change

Climate Institute

U.S. Global Change Research Program

World Meterological Organization

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Climate Change Page

PBS NOVA Frontline – What’s Up with the Weather?

U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change

U.S. NOAA Climate Prediction Center

NASA: Destination Earth

Climate Arc (Climate Change Activist Website)

Climate Change Research Library (Worldwatch Institute)

CO2 Science Magazine

World Wildlife Fund: Climate

U.S. EPA Energy Star Program

U.S. Geological Survey

Union of Concerned Scientists

Article author and contact: Tom Roth